What Is SMS API How It Works

Application Programming Interface (API) Allows us to integrate the bulk SMS API with any Application, Software or Website to send automated messages. We Can Integrate the Bulk SMS API with Any Website, Application or Software To send messages, Notifications or OTP’s

With API We can Send messages from Our website there is no need to open the Bulk SMS SMSC panel. you can also get the delivery Reports for the sent messages from API.

Language Support: We can send Multi-languages (Unicode) messages with the help of API


There is almost All online business enterprises use bulk SMS API for their websites & applications to send SMS Notifications to their customers or to keep their customers updated with their products.

For Example Banks, e-commerce websites, Recharge Companies, Travel Agencies, insurance companies, Schools, Colleges ETC.


When we integrate BULK SMS API With any Application or Website, The Application passes the required parameters to call the HTTP API. (Required parameters like SMS Service URL, User Name, Password, Mobile Number, Unique Sender id, Message etc. ) after the HTTP API Call API send all the parameters to SMS Gateway Server, SMS gateway Server evaluates all the parameters and deliver the message to Given mobile number with login to the SMSC Panel.

Benefits & Uses of SMS API:-

One of the main Benefit of SMS API it Allows you to send Single Or Bulk SMS from Your Own Application or Software you do not need to log in with SMSC panel.
With the help of SMS API, you can deliver messages quickly and easily in a Secure way.
You Can even get the delivery reports on SMS API for sent messages.
Most of the businesses use Bulk SMS API integration with their software, CRM, Billing software, Applications to send Notifications & alert messages to their customers, OTP messages, Delivery status, for order confirmation, to send promotional updates & offers ETC.

We Understand the Value of BULK SMS Service for your business Reliability & need. We Are working on most Advanced Technology based Bulk SMS Services.

Our SMS API is a powerful tool & compatible with all kind of website. Many Businesses trusts us for our reliability and customer support.
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