The Best Soybean Meal Prices in the Industry

Dalal Ganeshnarayan Shyamsunder Agrawal introducing the best quality assortment of Soybean meals for both domestic markets and export purposes.
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Soybean or soya meal is easily one of the biggest vegetable protein supplement sources in the world which almost fulfills the 65% of world’s total protein requirements. The meal is generally obtained as a byproduct when beans are crushed through a solvent extraction procedure to obtain Soybean oil. Being rich in amino acids, proteins, Vitamin B-complex, It is extensively used as a feed for horse, sheep, cattle, pig, fish, and chicken. It is generally categorized into two categories; regular soybean meal and high protein soybean meal.
India is one of the top producers of the soya meal and its contribution is almost 2% of the world’s total production value. The other major contributors include; Brazil, United States, Europe, Argentina, and China. It is a global standard to which various other proteins feeds and supplements are compared and amount to almost 2/3 of the total world production of protein feedstuffs
Dalal Ganeshnarayan Shyamsunder Agrawal is one of the best firms situated in India which deals with distribution, supply, and brokerage of the best quality assortment of Soybean meals for both domestic and international markets. The offered soybean meal prices are not just quite reasonable but the products have the supreme quality and nutritional credentials as well to promote the health and well-being of the cattle industry. The two main products offered in the segment (regular and Hipro Soybean meal) are prepared by using the best raw material and some of the finest technology and machinery in the world to meet the global standards of the feed. The products retain the original nutritional values and are prepared in the strict supervision of professionals and controlled conditions to give the best results.