Cotewell Provides Comprehensive Maintenance and Repair Services for Carpark Areas

Cotewell offers maintenance and repair for commercial carparks. Cotewell’s asphalt rejuvenation and overall equipment restoration services ensuring a parking area which is both functional and presentable.

[THABEBAN, 18/10/2018] – Cotewell is a floor and surface maintenance specialist, offering comprehensive carpark repairs as well as rejuvenation services for owners looking to maintain the quality of their carparks. Cotewell specialises in the restoration of both the appearance and functionality of different property floors and surfaces, including commercial spaces, industrial as well as residential areas.

Asphalt Rejuvenation—The Cotewell Specialty

Asphalt rejuvenation is a form of preventive maintenance that restores the quality and durability of deteriorating asphalt surfaces through a variety of measures. Harsh external conditions such as heavy vehicle traffic, constant sunlight exposure as well as intense weather can cause severe deterioration for asphalt; especially in car park areas.

Cotewell’s asphalt rejuvenation process restores lost tars and oils embedded in the asphalt, making the asphalt flexible and more durable. Traditional sealing processes aim only to protect the surface, whereas asphalt rejuvenation provides a more thorough maintenance process by reinvigorating the entire material. As a result, adding a layer of protective sealing.

Overall Restoration Services

Cotewell provides overall maintenance for carparks, with restoration services that include other equipment and implements in the parking area.

Faded line markings and unusable signage are considered property damages and can escalate to potential safety hazards. Cotewell provides line marking reapplication and signage installation to facilitate better traffic in the carpark area.

Cotewell’s restoration service offers replacements for bollards, wheel stops, speed humps and tactile paving material because this equipment is also subject to wear and tear, with their maintenance reflecting the carpark’s presentation as well as the overall quality.

About Cotewell

Cotewell offers surface maintenance and rejuvenation services for a variety of flooring needs. For over 40 years, the company has built their reputation as a highly professional trustedentity, providing overall flooring maintenance solutions for their clients. Cotewell specialises in the rejuvenation of carparks, roads, homes, industrial and commercial properties. Their services include line marking, painting, waterproofing, sealing, floor coating and other preventive maintenance procedures.
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