Trust A-List Education UK for SAT tutoring in London

The SAT is an exam employed by most colleges and universities in the US to help with admissions decisions. This multiple-choice, pencil-and-paper test is organised and managed by the College Board, an organisation representing over 6000 colleges, schools, and other educational organisations predominantly in the US.

[LONDON, 17/10/2018] – Students in the UK who wish to maximise their chances to be accepted by a US university should consider SAT tutoring in London via A-List Education UK. A-List EducationUK is a reputable and highly successful educational service provider focusing on ACT and SAT tutoring in London.

Tutoring and bootcamps

SAT tutoring in London by A-List Education UK is customised to fit each student’s individual needs, learning requirements and capabilities. The aim of SAT tutoring in London by A-List Education UK is not only to improve a student’s scores, but also to help them develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills that will help them achieve better results. A-List Education UK SAT tutoring in London is built around one-on-one instruction and intensive bootcamps. A-List Education UK tutors will provide students with all the tools they’ll need to develop learning skills for the rest of their academic careers.

Services for students

A-List Education UK has an outstanding team of tutors who undertake SAT tutoring in London. All A-List EducationUK tutors are graduates of top US universities, have years of experience in teaching the SAT and ACT exams and are continuously trained to provide the best SAT tutoring in London. Moreover, A-List Education UK tutors are very knowledgeable in the SAT admissions process and selection, helping students not only with SAT tutoring in London, but also helping them compose great application essays. Moreover, A-List Education UK tutors develop realistic and personalised study plans for every student by taking into consideration their studies and other commitments.

Beyond university preparation and SAT tutoring in London, A-List Education UK tutors also offer support for ISEE/SSAT, GRE/GMAT and other specialised US university entry exams.

Services for schools

Apart from one-on-one customised courses and learning bootcamps, A-List Education UK also offers SAT tutoring in London based on a school’s particular requirements and the academic needs of its students. A-List Education UK tutors can also provide specialised professional development for school teachers.

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