The Things Most People Are Itching To Ask About Spray Tans But Can’t

No matter the time of the year, it’s not difficult to find someone who truly has a perfect and even tone.
Not to worry, the misery is over because the answer to this flawlessness lies in a high-quality spray tan and that one-time dream could become a reality.
Still, have no idea where all this is leading to? Keep reading.
Is Swimming With A Spray Tan Possible?
No doubt, a lot of people worry about their spray tan fading away when they dive into a pool or the ocean.
Well, the truth is, going swimming is totally possible, but it must be done 12 hours after using the spray tan.
The reason for this is simply to allow the spray tan to settle into the skin properly. Even though swimming after 12 hours is possible, it’s necessary to avoid chlorinated water because it will cause the spray tan to fade away.
Does Spray Tan Give An Orange Effect?

It is very common for people that have never visited a spray tan salon to have some misconceptions that the procedure would leave them looking orange.
This isn’t exactly true. This is the reason why Gotham Glow ensures that their clients get a perfect consultation to achieve a natural-looking spray tan that isn’t orange or unflattering.
The best advice is to really do your research. Almost every salon claims their tan is the best and most natural but we all know that is not the case. Just look around, bad tans are everywhere.
Some salons or self tanners use formulas that are not high quality and or are not suited for all skin tones.
Hence, if having an orange look isn’t the plan, it’s best to allow an expert to handle it.
Is It Possible That Spray Tans Can Hide Acne Scars?
There isn’t any need to be scared of any scar that may be sticking up its ugly head, because the spray tan helps to reduce the appearance of them. If you have a concern, however, always consult with your spray tanning expert before taking the plunge.

For better results, combine the spray tan with some good makeup techniques and the acne scars won’t be noticeable.
Is It Possible To Use A Spray Tan To Match A Look?
This question usually arises when there is a special occasion like weddings, bachelorette, and other events where a glowing finish on your skin is required to steal the show completely.
Well, the spray tans can help achieve all of this. The best way to go about this is to seek the help of a professional salon like Gotham Glow to get the best possible results available and say a sharp and long-lasting goodbye to splotchy and orange results.
However, it’s best to ask a spray tan professional to help out with ideas on how to maintain the spray tan properly. On this note, it’s happy tanning!