Purify Industrial Wastewater with a Range of Water Filtration Systems from Waterform Technologies

Waterform Technologies develops and installs water filtration systems. The company offers a solution to improve the water efficiency of industries by purifying industrial wastewater using a range of high-performance technologies.

[VICTORIA, 16/10/2018] – Waterform Technologies, an ISO certified company in Australia, provides a range of water filtration systems. The company develops and installs high-performance technologies that purify industrial wastewater. Waterform offers a comprehensive service, from management to maintenance to solve water scarcity in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Region.

Filtration Systems

Waterform understands the importance of clean water in industrial operations, especially the Food and Beverage industry. Wastewater that is contaminated by solid particles and chemical substances can be reused by using a water treatment system. The filtration process is an essential part that strains the solid particles and chemical substances to purify the wastewater for reuse.

The Inge Ultrafiltration Membrane and Rack is a system that uses a membrane separation process used to intercept particles and microorganisms. The ultrafiltration modules or pre-assembled racks that have small pore filters can be attached to water treatment plants, similar to a sand filtration system. It is used to treat drinking water, process water, wastewater and seawater.

The BarrierUF Packaged Ultrafiltration Plants is a system that is connected to the ultrafiltration software. This system speeds up the wastewater reuse project by gathering data and translating control to the cleaning process. On top of straining particles and microorganisms, BarrierUF can be used as a pathogen rejection validation, accredited by Australian State Health Departments.

Filtration Media

Waterform offers several types of filtration media that are used to physically or mechanically strain particles out of the water. It is installed in the filtration systems.

The filtration media offered by Waterform Technologies include:

• Nextsand – high performance depth filtration media that replace standard sand media systems, removes solids of up to 3 to 5 microns in size
• PrismSi4 – durable glass plate based filtration media, prevent the proliferation of bacteria within filters
• Megabalance – white calcium carbonate medium, corrects pH levels and rectifies negative LSI results to prevent corrosion of pipes and fittings

Reusing wastewater is an environmentally sound and cost efficient solution to the scarcity of water. Waterform filtration systems and media complies with water quality standards, purifying wastewater to be reused for industrial operations.

About Waterform Technologies

Waterform is an ISO certified company specialising in water and wastewater treatment systems. The company offers a comprehensive service to various industries from conducting site auditing and data analysis to installing technologies such as packaged biological or mechanical water treatments. Waterform is an Australian owned business.

For more information on Waterform and water solutions, visit their website at https://waterform.com.au.