Interactive Multimedia Platforms (IMP) Market – Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Interactive Digital Screens To Promote Their Products and Services

Multimedia can be described as the integration of different types of media, such as, graphics, animation, audio, text, video, etc. to represent, transmit, and process information digitally. Interactive multimedia can be defined as computer-based user-machine interaction system, which responds to user actions by presenting multimedia content, such as text, animation, moving image, video, and video and audio games. Device which enables or supports multimedia interaction is termed as interactive multimedia platform (IMP). Interactive multimedia platforms include TV, multimedia players, mobile phones, computers, streaming platforms, digital signage, smart displays, and video walls. Ongoing modernization and digitization are expected to create demand for such interactive multimedia platforms, thereby driving the global interactive multimedia platform (IMP) market during 2018 – 2026.

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The ever-changing retail industry has been significantly using interactive multimedia platforms. Shopping malls and hypermarkets are installing smart interactive displays to guide their customers throughout the course of their shopping. Retailers are making use of smart interactive digital signage. They are installing artificial intelligence-enabled interactive digital screens to promote their products and services. In the healthcare industry, interactive multimedia platforms are being deployed to monitor patient health. For public safety and to ease passenger commute, interactive multimedia platforms are being deployed across the transportation and logistics industry.

Moreover, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) enabled interactive multimedia platforms are being used for training of bus and train drivers on interactive virtual environment rather than on actual vehicles. Furthermore, speech and gesture-driven games and next-generation gaming consoles are making use of interactive multimedia platforms markets. Driven by such applications and usage, the global interactive multimedia platforms (IMP) market is expected to experience remarkable growth in the near future. The retail and gaming industries are anticipated to show significant growth over 2018 – 2026.

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