IHHC’s Orthopaedic Care package helps patients live life to the fullest.

India Home Health Care (IHHC) has redefined the home healthcare landscape in India over the last decade, with its mission of delivering high quality, home healthcare to countless patients. IHHC has been at the fore-front in providing the best home care, including orthopaedic care, to patients at home. IHHC’s Orthopaedic Care program focuses on care management of pre- and post-surgical orthopaedic patients.
When Chennai-based Ramesh Ramalingam (75) returned home from hospital after a spine surgery, his son, Amit, was quite worried about his father coping with daily life as his father was completely bed-ridden. With 24/7 medical caretaker support from IHHC, frequent visits by physiotherapists and nutritional counselling, Ramesh was able to walk on his own. For many orthopaedic patients, like Ramesh, there is nothing like care and healing at home. IHHC`s Orthopaedic Care services at home helps them regain the strength and stability needed to resume daily activities as quickly and comfortably as possible.
IHHC’s in-home Orthopaedic home care services offer personalized care depending on individual needs and as per the attending surgeon’s protocols. IHHC’s specialist Orthopaedic Care team help to manage the patient’s pain, improve stability, strengthen muscles and encourage better balance. Superior clinical outcomes, extremely high patient satisfaction scores and reduced patient anxiety are the benefits of choosing IHHC’s Orthopaedic Care. IHHC`s vision is to deliver truly patient-centred care at home through cost–effective services.

About IHHC
India Home Health Care (IHHC), a partner of BAYADA Home Health Care, is committed to helping you care for the health and well-being of your loved ones. Providing quality healthcare services to clients in their own homes since 2009, today IHHC serves hundreds of people monthly, through state-of-the-art clinical processes and services, with a focus on the individual. Ensuring continuous quality care, India Home Health Care has become a trusted partner in delivering home healthcare services to major hospital groups and doctors.
For more information about IHHC’s Orthopaedic Care package, visit their website: www.indiahomehealthcare.com