Calcium Hydroxide Market Key Drivers & On-going Trends 2017 – 2025

Calcium hydroxide is a product derived from lime. Lime has two product forms: quick lime and hydrated lime. Quick lime is also known as carbon oxide and is solid, white and crystalline compound at the room temperature. Hydrated lime has various names such as calcium hydroxide, calcium hydrate, slaked lime, caustic lime, pickling lime and many others. It is a soft, white, powdery material with a bitter taste. It is insoluble in ethanol and slightly soluble in water and glycerol, forming a medium strong base which is known to react violently with acids, attacking many metals in the presence of water.

Based on application, calcium hydroxide is used in agriculture, stabilization of toxic and soil stabilization, treatment of potable and municipal waste water and also as chemical additive. It is also used in construction materials such as plaster, white wash, cement lime paints, etc. Calcium hydroxide is used widely in the medical sector. Calcium being an essential component of bones and teeth, calcium hydroxide is used in food supplements, especially, in those for infants. Furthermore, it is used in various dental treatments, and also in short term treatment to reduce inflammation or pain during surgical processes.

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Calcium Hydroxide Market: Trends

The market for calcium hydroxide is expected to grow rapidly in the next few years, owing to its usage in wide range of applications. Calcium hydroxide is used along with concretes and polymers in construction processes. Rise in urbanization is expected to drive the market for calcium hydroxide in the near future. Calcium hydroxide is used as an excellent flocculent. It stabilizes the pH of water, and thus is widely used for the purpose of water treatment.

Alkaline based technologies require large volume of calcium hydroxides. In recent years, the trend of using such technologies has increased rapidly and is expected to continue at a substantial rate, which would lead to the further growth of the calcium hydroxide market during the forecast years.

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Calcium Hydroxide Market: Region-wise Outlook

The market for calcium hydroxide is expected to witness a significant growth at the global level in the next few years. In terms of demand, it is expected to be considerably high in the market of Asia Pacific. The presence of several manufacturing units in China, and also the increasing demand for calcium hydroxide in various applications such as construction materials and additives used in chemical processes are expected to drive the market of calcium hydroxide in Asia Pacific.

Following Asia Pacific, demand for calcium hydroxide is substantially high in Europe, where it is used in water treatment processes on a large scale. Demand for calcium hydroxide is further expected to increase in the European countries such as the U.K., Germany, and France, due to the stringent rules associated with the water treatment activities practiced in these countries.

Demand for calcium hydroxide is expected to be moderate in North America during the next few years, but is expected to see an upsurge in the U.S., followed by Canada owing to the rise in construction activities in these regions.

In terms of consumption, the market for calcium hydroxide is anticipated to expand at a constant rate in the regions of Latin America and Middle East & Africa, due to the rapid urbanization and economic development in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, etc.

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Calcium Hydroxide Market: Key Players

Key players functioning in the calcium hydroxide market include Innovo Chemicals Limited, Mississippi Lime Company, Jost Chemical Co., Lhoist Group, and CARMEUSE EUROPE.