Single Engine vs. Twin Engine Management Systems in Aircraft – A Comparison of J.P.I Products

J.P. Instruments manufacturers the following models in single engine management systems for aircraft:

EDM 350, EDM 830, EDM 730, EDM 900 Primary, EDM 930 Primary, EDM 950, EDM 700, EDM-930 Experimental,
EDM 930 Experimental and EDM 800

The EDM 350 is designed for Experimental Aircraft, is very compact, features full customization and includes the legendary JPI quality and accuracy. Amongst Engine Data Management Systems for single engine aircraft, this model is the most cost effective and reliable.

TSO’d for quality, the Engine Data Management EDM 830 is amongst the most accurate and advanced piston engine-monitoring instrument that your aircraft could have. The EDM 830 features fuel flow and a full GPS interface.

The EDM 730 is easy to install, features clear, full-colour graphics and easy-to-read data display. The EDM 730 is easy to programme, has annunciation of exceedances, displays more data per page (therefore less page swapping) and is fully approved for single engine aircraft.

The EDM 900 is one of the most reliable aircraft instruments that you can have onboard. All its functions are TSO’d and STC’d as PRIMARY functions.

The EDM 900 features hands-free, automatic scanning, all programming is done from the Front Panel, LeanFind™ technology finds the first and last cylinder to peak with true Peak detect eliminates false peaks. It also automatically calculates percent horsepower.

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Twin Engine Management Systems

J.P. Instruments manufacturers the following models in twin engine management systems for aircraft:

EDM 960 Twin, EDM 760, and EDM 790

The Engine Data Management EDM-960 is certified as a primary flight instrument. With this model on board your plane, you can safely remove many of your old engine gauges, and make your instrument panel less cluttered.

The EDM 960 features one DAU per engine and you have only 2 wires to deal with. There is no need for any thermocouple wires in the wings!

With the EDM 960 on board, pilots can fly with confidence as it acts as their full-time on-board flight engineer.

Using the latest microprocessor technology, the EDM 760 will monitor up to 24 critical parameters in your aircraft engine and it does this 4 times a second. It features a linearized thermocouple accuracy of better than 0.1 percent or 2 F° which has been verified and tested by the FAA. TSO’d (Technical Standard Order).

The EDM 790 features two buttons to address all the programming functions. As a pilot, you can accomplish leaning quickly and automatically using the LeanFind™ procedure. With the EDM 790, you now have substantially more diagnostic information available to you in a timely and usable manner.

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