Aircraft Lightning Protection Market – Global Industry Insights, Trends And Forecast 2017 – 2025

Aircraft Lightning Protection Market: Introduction
Aircraft lightning protection is majorly required to absorb the electric field which leaves or enters the airplane during lightning strikes. Usually, lightning strikes the wingtips, nose, engine cowlings, and the vertical tail tip. To avoid the damage of aircraft fuselage, the lightning protection is used. The parts used for this protection will be manufactured in such a way that to avoid the interaction of generated electric field to avoid significant damages of the aircrafts.
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Market Dynamics
Increasing use of composite products in the manufacturing of airplane structural parts to reduce the aircraft’s weight, to enhance the overall fuel efficiency will significantly drive the global aircraft lightning protection market over the projected time period. Usually, an aircraft will have nearly 50% of composites in the overall aircraft’s structure. The composites used in these aircrafts have very low electrical conductivity, which might cause some serious damage to the aircrafts during lightning strikes. Moreover, the damage caused during these strikes will affect the airline operations by causing several service interruptions and delays.
By Product
Lightning protection segment is expected to hold the prime share of the global aircraft lightning protection market, owing to the rising adoption of components such as expanded metal foils, grounding wires, and transient voltage suppressors in their structures to ensure protection from lightning strikes. These products find major use in electrical systems, including power feeders, fuel valves, generators, and electrical distribution systems. The transient voltage suppressors are majorly used for critical units including actuator and flight controls, along with multiple engine control systems.
By Region
North America aircraft lightning protection market is expected to lead the global market, primarily owing to the presence of higher number of airplane manufacturers in this region, including Bombardier, Boeing, along with Lockheed Martin. Some regions in the U.S., such as Florida are expected to face nearly 100 thunderstorms each year, which might reduce the airline operations. Several OEMs are significantly employing lightning protective materials in their aircraft’s structural systems to ensure the travellers’ safety.

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Competitive Landscape
Some of the potential players in the global aircraft lightning protection market include Astroseal Products, Avidyne, Microsemi Corporation, Exel Group, Benmetal, Proteck devices, Cobham, Honeywell, Niles Expanded Metal, Dayton Granger, L3 Aviation Products, TE Connectivity, Saywell and The Gill Corporation, Saab, and Dexmet Corporation among several others.

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