First blockchain real-time strategy launches on Indiegogo

Hash Rush Offers Enticing Rewards with Launch of Indiegogo Campaign


October 9, 2018

Riga, Latvia–Hash Rush, the world’s first real-time strategy game built on blockchain technology, has launched a public Indiegogo campaign to spread the word about their groundbreaking game. Hash Rush is one of the first blockchain-based video games that allows players to earn rewards simply by playing the game, without risking your own money. The game is free to play, but provides opportunities for players to fight, mine, trade, and build their way to real rewards that can be used outside the game. With a target of raising £80,000, this project will fund the completion of the game development through the planned public launch in March 2019.

Hash Rush is offering a variety of rewards for donors, including in-game items and special status, RUSH Coins that hold both in- and out-of-game value, and opportunities to work with the development team on custom avatars, challenges, and game areas.

Hash Rush released their alpha phase, which is still running, in July of 2018. While it was initially open to 1,000 players, they expanded to 2,000 due to popular demand, as all the slots were filled within 48 hours. They are currently gearing up for their beta launch, planned for December 2018, followed by their Early Access launch in March of 2019.

Hash Rush has already made its presence known in both the gaming and blockchain industries. They were awarded the Best Tech Demo Pitch at the Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto, Canada, prevailing over 400 other applicants and six finalists. In September, Hash Rush was awarded the Best Innovation Award at Gamescom, the largest computer and video game trade show in the world.