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Are you amazed by the oranges, reds and yellow butterflies you see fluttering by? Butterflies are so intricately dressed and awe inspiring. So, no wonder that many women love to capture that beauty by wearing a butterfly pendant around their neck. There are many colors and styles to choose from. Moreover they come in many different gem stones.

Life Is A Gift Shop brings the natural gifts either excavated in the case of crystals or collected in the case of butterfly wings by Fair Trade sources. Butterfly jewelry at Life Is A Gift Shop is created from butterflies that lived a full life cycle and were found already dead on the forest floor. These butterflies are purchased from local residents who are vested in keeping the rain forest and its inhabitants intact. It also insures that funds stay within the community. More commercial butterfly wing companies grow the butterflies from caterpillars within a butterfly tent and then gas them as soon as they reach the desired proportions.

The silver butterfly necklace at Life Is A Gift Shop is the perfect combination of style, the beauty of nature and elegance. These necklaces are very popular to wear them as adornment. Unique butterfly jewelry is a perennial favorite and this popularity can be explained by the magic and beauty inherent in this creature’s ethereal form. History and art both contribute to this explanation of what makes this kind of jewelry so irresistible.

The spokesperson at says, “We also offer all kinds of New Age and spiritual gifts. Some of the gifts may seem obscure or random and maybe they are, but many times it is because we love the artist or the artisans behind the items, such as a group of women in India who have been shunned by their communities because they are divorced or widowed.”

Each Sterling Silver Butterfly Necklace at Life Is A Gift Shop is handmade using the wings, resin and silver.

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Life Is A Gift Shop is your one-stop shop for versatile spiritual gifts, spiritual stones, china Buddha statue, pyramid power, sandalwood mala bracelet, gemstone mala beads, butterfly jewelry, butterfly necklace, and butterfly earrings. The team at Life Is A Gift Shop would be delighted to help you choose crystals, an accompanying card, an appropriate but humorous prayer candle, or specific piece of jewelry or other unique gifts that add joy to everyday living.