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Celebrity Cosmetics Market: Introduction
Celebrity cosmetics are those beauty care products that are produced and marketed by celebrities. A number of popular celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Eva Mendes and Drew Barrymore run their beauty product business where they offer a range of cosmetic products that include skin brightening creams, moisturizers, lip colors, eye shadows, perfumes, deodorants, etc.
Market Dynamics
Celebrity cosmetics market is anticipated to grow during the forecast period due to increasing admiration towards the flawless skin and bouncy hair owned by celebrities. The desire to enhance appearance and achieve celebrity-look is encouraging people to buy cosmetics produced by celebrities. The use of natural ingredients by celebrities in their cosmetic products is also anticipated to drive the global celebrity cosmetics market. In Kora Organics, owned by Miranda Kerr, natural ingredients like noni extract, rosehip oil, etc are used to manufacture beauty cosmetics.

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By Product Type
On the basis of product type, celebrity cosmetic market can be segmented into skin care cosmetic products, color cosmetics, hair care products and fragrances. Of these, celebrity skin care cosmetics product is anticipated to grow consistently due to presence of celebrity cosmetics brands like Kora Organics (owned by Miranda Kerr) and Honest Beauty (owned by Jessica Alba). Lady Gaga has recently filed an application to trademark the name ‘Haus Beauty’ for a cosmetics line she plans to open in upcoming months.

By End-users
On the basis of end users, celebrity cosmetics market is segmented into men and women. It is a well-known fact that female customers have always been more conscious towards their skin care and make-up, hence they are more likely to contribute in the growth of celebrity cosmetics market during the forecast period. The collaboration of celebrity like Rihanna with cosmetics giant MAC to launch her creatively designed lip color RiRi Woo for women is also one of the major reasons for the attraction of women towards celebrity cosmetics. In March 2018, Sunny Leone announced the launch of her beauty brand StarStruck in which she will be including lipstics, mascaras, lip glosses, eyeliners and highlighters for women.

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By Distribution Channel
Celebrity cosmetics are most widely sold and purchased through e-commerce sites like Alibaba and along with online channels owned by celebrities themselves like Iman cosmetics. The online availability of a huge variety of celebrity skin care, hair care and color cosmetics brands provides consumers a plethora of choice to select and purchase cosmetics according to their requirements. The discount given by e-commerce sites on various celebrity cosmetics and doorstep delivery service provided by them encourages consumers to opt for online purchasing of cosmetics products.

Competitive Landscape
Major players operating in the global celebrity cosmetics market include CIRCA Beauty, Kat Von D Beauty, Flower Beauty, Fenty Beauty, IMAN Cosmetics, Naked, Honest Beauty, Kylie cosmetics, Kora Organics, Nuance, and KKW Beauty. Victoria Beckham is in the process to launch her own line of cosmetics products that will initially include skin-care creams, and a perfume.

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