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The newly added products to the website can be considered the ideal replacements for the expensive Nuvigil tablets. Both R-Modawake & Artvigil, are proven to be the best and cheapest brands for generic Armodafinil compound. These medications work as brain-boosting agents and are medically proven to work as catalysts in improving the cognitive function of the brain.

People who are sufferers of the narcoleptic syndrome and another debilitating disorder like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) can find the medications like R-Modawake and Artvigil 150mg very effective in treating their medical condition. Not only this, students who face stiff competition in the colleges and are always hung in the race of scoring good marks can use these drugs to improve their mental alertness and ability to memorise things. In certain cases, with the proper consultation with a medical practitioner, people can buy modafinil to treat depression as well.

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