Top Most Influential Developers in Dubai

Dubai- the metropolis of UAE is inarguably one of the most sought after travel destinations around the globe. With hundreds and thousands of people flowing in to Dubai every year to experience the majesty of its skyscrapers and overall infrastructure, Dubai has earned this place. The journey of its conversion from a far-lone dessert to this up and running millennial was certainly not an overnight achievement. Several path-breaking infrastructural developments and projects under the skillful supervision of business best architects, engineers and designers are primarily the contributing factors to this huge success. And what kept all these virtuosos up and running is the undying passion of some major developers. Yes, these are those passionate and vision-driven individuals who contributed to bringing these revolutionary projects to life and inspirited functionality to them.
To start with, Emaar Properties, the owner of Burj Khalifa- not that it needs introduction but yes, we are talking about the tallest building in the world. Emaar Properties appointed some maestro architects and designers and accomplished this glorifying objective of constructing the tallest building in the world in Dubai. Following in the footsteps closely is Damac Properties. In 1992, Mr. Hussein Sijwani, one amongst UAE’s most outstanding businessmen, established Damac Properties with a main thought in mind, making a luxury facilities and communities master developer. Damac till date has put on the rampage many iconic ventures inside and outside the premises of Dubai like Damac Hills, AKOYA Oxygen, and AYKON London One. Nakheel Properties, then would be one entity worth applauding. Founded in 2000, Nakheel is now one of the world’s most prominent real estate master developers. Nakheel proudly stands behind many of Dubai’s popular destinations like Ibn Batuta Mall, Dragon City Mall, Deira Mall and a fairly recent addition to its family i.e. Nakheel Mall.
However, the list does not just end here. It has rather, just begun. Many other entities then, like Meeras Holding, Dubai Properties, Deyaar, Danube, Azizi Developers, etc then followed suit and added to the already flourishing real-estate glory of Dubai. Dubai, currently holds one of the most attractive sets of residential, commercial, as well as leisure and hospitality developments in the world where not only tourists but expatriates and locals alike relish their lives in such a developed city like Dubai.
With Expo 2020 now in head, several developmental projects are now in loop and are expected to further uplift Dubai’s standing in the global market. A huge segment of the state’s annual budget is being allocated to these mega projects and all kudos to the developers in the region, Dubai is all set to make its mark internationally once again.