Kapil Laddha’s Financing Ka Laddoo provides valuable information about debt management in a simplified way

New Delhi, 20th September: Seasoned finance professional Kapil Laddha has published an insightful and entertaining book Financing Ka Laddoo with Notion Press, India’s fastest growing self-publishing company.
The author has 15 years of experience in the field of banking and finance. In his long successful career, he has held many significant positions in many reputed companies. He was the branch manager of Indusland Bank which helped him to gather vast knowledge about bank norms and requirements. He also served in senior financial positions in steel manufacturing and textile industries, which helped him understand the relationship between a company and a bank and how it changes depending on the company’s performance.
His in-depth knowledge helped him pen down this informative book on the banking industry. This book primarily focuses on the loan segment. It provides detailed knowledge about different types of loans available, the procedures and other details. The book aims to create awareness about debt management by omitting the myths and fears regarding the same while explaining the concepts in simple terms.
The author believes banking is nothing but a relationship between a man and a woman, minus the emotional attachment. Banking, like any relationship, has its ups and downs and experiences the phases of love, engagement, marriage, fights, and divorce. Hence, he has written the book in a fun, easy-to-read manner. The subject is very close to author’s heart as he believes in spreading awareness about the basics of finance and banking industry. He has chosen the loan segment because this is a very crucial part of everyone’s life and many dreams, plans and aspirations depend on the same. It helps to remove the misconception, fear one has related to loans and is useful for anyone who wishes to take a loan or who has already taken a loan, or who would want to gain some knowledge on loan and debt management.
Speaking about the book, the author said, “Most of us weren’t taught about money or there was no basic education provided on how to manage your own money. Even now many people don’t talk about money. We stumble and grow up and learn from our mistakes. But what if we were thought how manage our savings and learn those basic operations of financing and banking from the beginning? We know very little about financial jargons and banking unless you are from the same industry. Banking and finance are considered very complicated subjects, because of which people take a crucial decision by blindly following others or refrain themselves. I don’t want people to spend their life not knowing that they can manage their finances very easily. Hence, I decided to write a book that would provide valuable information in a simple way. I have tried to incorporate my personal experiences from my professional career and have presented it without any modifications. This book is loaded with practical information related to the sector. I am hopeful that readers will find this book relevant.”
Grab a copy of the book from Notion Press bookstore, Amazon, Flipkart and other e-commerce stores to give this fun, informative banking book a read. The proceedings of the book will be donated to deserving students to provide them with opportunities to complete their higher education or to pursue a career in sports through Sarvasva Education & Sports Academy Trust.