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Magnolia, TX (September 20, 2018) – In general, most people know that E. Coli is a bacteria that is naturally present in the intestines of the humans. However, some variety of E-Coli is harmful and they can be present in the well water. So, it becomes important that the well water in any home should be tested regularly to make sure that it is free of any virus and bacteria and safe to drink. This is where for properties in Houston, 77 Water Well Inc. offer the dependable water testing Houston TX with appropriate results.

The company says “If your well tests positive for E.Coli, you should boil the water for at least one minute at a rolling boil before drinking it. You may also disinfect the well according to the procedures recommended by your local health department”. As the company has the experience in dealing with wells in Texas region, they know the local health department rules and so they will appropriately carry out water testing Cypress TX as well.

After proper disinfection, the company also suggest the clients get their water monitored periodically. The regular water testing Tomball TX will make certain that the issue with the well water does not recur. In case the contamination continues, they recommend that the property owner should install a point-of-entry disinfection unit. This unit will use sterilene, ozone or ultraviolet or chlorine to get rid of the bacteria right at the starting point.

In addition, after a flood, water testing Spring TX becomes important to make sure that the foreign materials that have entered into the well due to the flood have not caused anything harm to the well water. Not just testing, but water well service Spring TX with the help of 77 Water Well Inc. will help the property owner to make sure that the water remains safe to use after a flood.

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77 Water Well Inc. is popular for their competitive pricing, immediate response and support for any help the customers need with respect to the well starting from digging, inspection, service and even plugging of well in Texas.

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