The challenges and opportunities in online travel and hotel booking

The online travel and hotel booking industry is on an all-time rise and more and more people are now relying on the internet to get their flights and hotels booked. However, if you compare b2b hotel booking systems with any other business, it comes with its own challenges to face in the market. Here are a few commonly faced challenges and what travel agents and travel software companies are doing about them:

Travellers all over the world, especially Asia face the problem of poor internet connectivity. While many of us do possess a 4G connection, there are still a considerable amount of people who are still stuck on 2g or slower networks. This leads to people opting for the traditional route of travel bookings where in people directly call up the hotel to make reservations. To overcome the issue, most booking websites have come up with easy to load and simply designed websites and mobile applications. Getting the website to load faster without compromising on user experience is indeed a good step when it comes to overcoming the challenge of poor connectivity.

Lack of good search experience

Most travellers have complained of a bad search experience on online hotel booking portals for corporates. It has often been heard that it is nearly impossible to get the type of hotels they want. Thanks to the ongoing advancements in travel markets, many b2b hotel booking sites like are now providing unique search experience. These websites allow the users to search for hotels and compare their prices on various portals before making a booking in no time. This has created the user experience better and evolved which leads to get more customers prefer the online medium of making their travel related bookings.

Synchronization issues

There have been a myriad of issues arising for a corporate traveller due to a poor synchronising between a travel agency and the hotel or airline. Traveller boking the rooms that are already filled or unavailable is one such extremely common example. But, the scenario is changing with advancement in technology when it comes to online hotel booking portal for corporates. Hotels are now able to update their information in real time which in turn enables the booking engines to automatically update theirs.

Despite of facing all such challenges, the travel industry is growing at a fast pace. There has been a rise in number of people who book hotels online and customer satisfaction has also increased tremendously even after such challenges are still not completely handled.