Sygma Solutions Ltd – The best CAT course Providers

Sygma Solutions is a leading CAT training provider offering a variety of courses designed to improve the operative’s awareness, boost their skills and confidence. The courses are designed to combine basic theory with practical experience in both on and off site situations.

All classes and workshops are provided by industry experts, and are easily applicable to real life working environments. Sygma Solutions is a training outlet committed to providing its candidates with the right course for any level of skill or experience including helping them to become a CSCS Utility Surveyor.

Sygma Solutions specializes in offering CAT 4 course, that grooms participants in understanding how to operate locators and the latest manufacturer equipment used to trace buried cables and ensure safe underground services.
With the latest industry equipment and knowledge, and through a commitment to integrating practical experience, Sygma Solutions caters for all levels of operatives in the industry and delivers consistent results for all its customers. Whether you are picking up some new skills to supplement your existing knowledge or learning the trade for the first time, Sygma Solutions has something for everybody.

There are 60, 000 cable strikes every year in UK by engineers and contractors undertaking ground works. The dangers associated with underground cables, which involve injury or death in the worst cases, can be easily avoided if operatives are well-grounded in the knowledge of cable avoidance.

Sygma solutions’ CAT course training is designed to teach operatives preventive measures for how to use all the available tools for underground cable detection correctly in order to reduce the chances of cable strike at a minimum level. The training course will enable students to trace and locate buried cables correctly during excavations and underground activities.

With CAT and Genny Training, candidates are able to identify types of drawings and site maps for different services, describe the sort of inaccuracies that may be found in them and interpret the data and detail. Candidates will also be able to make safety considerations during excavation and learn the methods of safe operations.