Copytrack announces exclusive infringement rights deal with news content provider WENN Media Group

– Copytrack and WENN Media Group enter into exclusive copyright infringement enforcement agreement
– WMG provides 10 million images from its 30-year photo archive to Copytrack for monitoring
– Copytrack’s proprietary Reverse Image Search technology has convinced WMG

Berlin, September 19, 2018 – Copytrack, one of the world’s leading image rights enforcement services, and WENN Media Group (WMG), an international news content provider, announced today their future exclusive collaboration. Copytrack will provide WMG with the tracking and worldwide legal enforcement of copyright infringement.

Over 10 million images given to Copytrack for monitoring

WMG Chairman and acting CEO Lloyd Beiny said, “We are delighted to pledge our 30 year old photo archive, which encompasses over 10 million images, to COPYTRACK, whose record of ensuring copyright owners are compensated for infringements of their IP is most impressive, and in my opinion, are the very best service in the business. As the online digital world matures, the number of infringement incidents has increased exponentially. Photo asset owners need to demonstrably take a stand to curb this unlawful practice and ensure photographers and their agents are properly remunerated from those whose intent is to devalue our copyrights.”

Marcus Schmitt, CEO of COPYTRACK, added “We are happy to have Lloyd and the WMG team on board. With their long history and huge image portfolio, WMG is a well-recognised and highly professional player in the image market. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation.”