What are the Specifications & Features of EDM 800 in Aircraft?

The EDM 800 puts the fun back into flying because as a pilot, you don’t have to spend bulk of the flight time staring at a bunch of dials to ensure the aircraft engine is functioning normally; the EDM 800 does this task for you.

Using the latest microprocessor technology, the EDM 800 monitor up to twenty-four critical parameters of the aircraft engine and it does this four times a second.

Superior to the EDM 700, the EDM 800 includes fuel flow monitoring and a host of other features. As before, leaning is accomplished automatically using the Lean Find procedure. With the EDM 800 you have more engine diagnostic information available. In fact, the EDM 800 records, all 29 functions, every 6 Seconds. Its memory can hold up to 25 hours of data. The pilot can also opt to record data every minute in which case the memory will hold 550 hours of data. This data can be downloaded via the optional USB port.

The all new EDM 800 provides you with a full-time in-flight readout of aircraft engine horsepower – this helps the pilot achieve maximum engine performance. The EDM 800 converts your RPM manifold pressure outside air temperature and fuel flow into horsepower. To achieve this a small one-time calibration is required. The details are in the instruction manual and easy to follow.

Features of EDM 800 include:

– 24 Programmable alarm limits

– No hassle, front panel programming
– Small 2 ¼” installation foot-print
– Lean Find finds the first and last cylinder to peak with true peak detect.
– Displays both leaned temperature below peak and peak.
– Designed for use with a single 6 cylinder engine with Fuel Flow Instruments.
– Battery voltage with alarm
– EGTs to stable 1°F resolution
– DIF low to high EGT with alarm
– User selectable index rate
– Shock cooling monitored on every cylinder
– Non-volatile long term memory

– Records and stores data up to 30 hours
– Post-flight data retrieval
– FAA Approved as primary temperature instruments for CHT Probes, OIL, TIT Probes, RPM, MAP, Fuel Flow
– Fuel quantity in pounds, gallons, kilograms or litres
– Low fuel quantity alarm
– Low fuel time alarm
– GPS interface-Instantaneous fuel flow rate
– Total amount of fuel consumed
– Total fuel remaining
– Time to empty at the current fuel flow rate

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