Overview of Coaroo Marche manufacture in Korea

COAROO went out of the bag and started departing from a small idea that came from this inconvenience who suffered.
In Japan, there is an old traditional culture that carries a baby with only a long string alone, easily binds the obstructive kimono with a string “Tasuki” in life.
This long traditional culture was reborn with an idea that a bag which was inconvenient by the eyes of a Korean international student who went to study abroad in Japan is completely new.
COAROO weighs the bag and weighs the bag a bit more lightly and suggests a new way to use a little more comfortably.
We use it with confidence and convenience.
Coaroo Marche

Marche is derived from the word “market” in French. At that moment then the 5-way COAROO Bag will be more useful in a complex situation like shopping if you do not put it all along. Therefore, Marche of COAROO who can relax size and use both hands freely gives you more comfortable and relaxing shopping
The front pocket part containing the slanted wrinkle reminds me of a simple but sophisticated, lovely feeling ribbon. The side pocket of the connection feeling with the front pocket was designed so that it can be used immediately like a pocket at reachable place and designed to be used conveniently when going out with taking shopping and children.
Handling that can be used as a shoulder bag with a slope pocket is also designed, and it is a model that further improved practicality.

Product Information
• Product name- Marche
• Part number- CRKRI7O7
• Material- Nylon 1009b,Webbing PP
• Color- N3W – Green – Light Green – Gray -Violet- Khaki
• Size- [ Horizontal] 340 X[Vertica ]270x [Width ] 130mm
• Strap Length- 900 1200mm 41mm
• Weight- 500g
• Manufacturer (Importer)- COAROO
• Country Of Manufacture- made in china / designed by korea

Are you looking for Big Marche Bag manufacturer and crossbody bags manufacturer? Marche is very lightweight using 100% of the outer material made from Korean nylon fabric. It is a product whose function test and inspection of the fabric has been completed on products exported in Japan. The product color has six distinctive colors of navy, green, khaki, gray, violet, light green.