Général Guisan’s Commitment to Fair and Sustainable Chocolate Manufacturing

In the light of continued criticism towards Swiss chocolate giant Néstle for allegedly using child and slave labour in its chocolate supply chain, Chocolat Général Guisan, the world’s most exclusive chocolate brand, would like to lay out, how they source their cocoa responsibly.

Sustainability, for Chocolat Guisan, means showing respect for people and nature when working together.
In practice, this means meeting the needs of the present, ensuring prosperity and wealth for all, without compromising the future so that generations to come may also enjoy continued ecological and economic prosperity. Chocolat Guisan and their partners contribute to sustainability by adhering to strict guidelines when procuring cacao. They promote and work closely with farmers and partners on location with the aim of acquiring sustainable, high-quality cacao and workplaces.

Cocoa for their creations is sourced from farms in Ghana, Bolivia and Ecuador that are even above fair-trade standards. The aim of their partnerships is a long-term commitment that ensures the livelihood of future generations of cacao farmers.
They also respect environmentally sensitive issues such as the optimal use of natural resources (air, water, energy etc.) during their transportation and manufacturing processes and constantly strive for improvement in these areas.