Feed Binders Market: Asia to show significant growth till 2023

North America dominates the Feed Binders Market during the forecast period, followed by Asia Pacific. US is the main consumer of feed binders in the market due to the increasing acceptance of the feed binder technology in industries. Asia Pacific is the fastest growing market. China is the largest market due to its technological advancement. Countries such as Malaysia and Thailand will see a huge demand for the pellet feeder due to the increasing demand for aquaculture activities and fish products. Russia in Europe and Brazil in Central and South America will also have a considerable growth in feed binders due to the governments inclination towards reducing meat imports.

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Selected Regulatory Analysis done in the full report

The clay segment has the largest share in the Feed Binders Market in the forecast period. The reason for this is the cost efficiency and its low inclusion levels. The Lignosulphonates segment will have the fastest growth in the coming years due to accessibility of raw materials, more knowledge on industrial process, and effective binding characteristics.

Selected driving factors mentioned in the full report

Increasing demand for pellet shaped feed among manufacturers of animal feed will drive the demand for feed pellets.

Growing consumption of meat products will enhance the growth of the feed binders market in the future.

Increasing awareness about animal health among farmers propels the growth of feed binders.

Industrialization of dairy and fish will boost the demand for the aqua feed.

Key players of the Feed Binders Market

Archer Daniels Midland Company, Borregaard ASA, and Gelita AG are the key players of the feed binders market. Archer Daniels Midland Company manufactures agricultural commodities, products, and ingredients in the United States. Borregaard ASA delivers high performance additives and ingredients to the animal feed industry. Gelita AG manufactures and markets collagen proteins. It provides high standard and technical solutions.

Feed Binders Market is segmented as below

Growing awareness about animal nutrition will boost the demand for the poultry pellets.

A. Feed Binders Market By Type
1. Clay
2. Gelatin
3. Collagen
4. Plant Gums & starches
5. Molasses
6. Lingo sulphonates
7. Others

B. Feed Binders Market By Livestock
1. Poultry
2. Swine
3. Cattle
4. Aquaculture
5. Ruminants
6. Others

C. Feed Binders Market By Application
1. Moist
2. Pellets
3. Crumbles
4. Others

D. Feed Binders Market by geography( covers 16+ countries)

E. Feed Binders Market entropy
F. Company profiles

1. Sichuan Groupeve Co . ltd
2. Stillwater milling company
3. UniScope Inc
4. VDS crostocean feeds
5. VitaCheek Nutrition Ltd.
6. Nutri FeedCompany
7. Panay Mineral Product Resources Corp.
8. Pestell group of companies
9. Polymeright inc
10. Prooft binders
11. Company 15+

G. Appendix: Abbreviations, Sources, Research Methodology, Bibliography, Compilation of Experts, Disclaimer.

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