Hengtai offers the best Contract Manufacturing Services in China

Hengtai is a China-based contract manufacturing company which provides services in mold-making, product development, stamping, injection molding and other processes to European and American customers. We provide incorporated turnkey solutions that utilize leading-edge manufacturing technologies to support customer time to achieve the market needs.

We are a China Stamping company which focuses on manufacturing metal stamping parts and are committed to meet our customer’s expectations. Our team is devoted to providing superior stamping products and excellent services to our clients every time they reach us. We always pay attention to their requirements and work accordingly.

We are also into Injection Molding Services where we have a huge collection of molding components. Our company promotes our customers by offering them the facility of molding the plastic in different shapes, sizes and designs. Our products are easily available in wide-ranging customized specifications at competitive prices.

Our main aim is to quickly supply you with top-quality, affordable injection molded parts that will sustain your needs for functional testing, pre-production marketing etc. We strive for your competence by reducing the product development and manufacturing cost while ensuring quality and on time delivery.

Our Contract Manufacturing Services focuses on quality, service and flexibility in the industrial and consumer market sectors. We redefine the standard in reacting to the client’s business requirements with its capability to modify the designs for each and every buyer’s wants.

We specialize in rapid injection molding and are structured to speedily produce low-cost plastic injection molds for prototypes and various production parts. Hengtai has been providing a complete solution to its consumers for their premium and high-class thermoplastic component requirements.

So, if you are looking for excellent Injection Molding Services and want to save your time and money without compromising quality, then you should contact Hengtai. We will assist you with all the plastic product components. For more information about us, visit our website. You can also call our representative today to get the quotation or solve all your queries.

Contact Us:

Business Name : Jiangsu Hengtai Electronics & Plastic Co., Ltd.
Street Address : #2 Yunmei Road, Tianmu Lake Industrial Park
Country: China
City: Liyang (Changzhou)
State: Jiangsu
Postal Code: 213300
Tel: 0519-87961188
Email: sales@hengtai-mfg.com
Website: http://www.hengtai-mfg.com/