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Ever since our establishment in 2008, we are supplying cutting-edge products including vacuum devices, testing instruments and precision components exclusively for semiconductor and display manufacturing.

Vacuum technologies are the core fundamental covering extensive industrial areas such as the space engineering, the biotechnology, the material engineering and the chemical engineering. To respond various demands for such fundamentals, we are producing/supplying various products from small devices and large scaled equipment including vacuum devices for researches, semiconductor testing devices, display process equipment, furnaces for semiconductors and valves for chemical applications.

Vacuum Deposition Systems

The system gasifies metal or non-metal materials and deposits the gas on printed circuit boards by using the resistant heat, electronic beam and plasma in a vacuum state. These systems are mainly used for the productions of displays, semiconductors and solar panels. Various heating elements (Sheath, Super Kantal, Halogen, and Graphite) are applied in the vacuum chamber, and a high vacuum environment is provided. Vacuum Display Process Equipment

E-beam Evaporation System
• •Single/MultiPocket E-Beam source with Water
Cooled Crucible(4 cc up to 75cc) with individual shutter
• •High Voltage Power Supply(3kW to 15kW)
• •X-Y Beam Sweep & Controller
• •4” Diameter View Port on Front Door With Manual Shutter
DC Magnetron Sputter
• Available in single & multi sputter sources with
• Water cooling system.
• Available in high voltage power supply
(3kw ~ 10kw)
• •Substrate Rotation & Heating(100℃ up to 400℃)
• •Source size from 3″to 8″, User defined source
size available.

IR Heating Systems
• We are the exclusive sales partner in Korea of Thermo Riko, Japan, a company offering various products with unique technologies on IR Heating.
Customized Vacuum & Components
• IVT supplies various vacuum based systems customized for the user requirements and characteristics to the universities and their subsidiary research centers in Korea.

Lithium titanium oxide (Li2TiO3) is used as the tritium proliferation material for nuclear fusion furnaces. We have developed a mass production system and process handling yearly 50kg or more and supply such systems to various related institutions in Korea. E-Beam Evaporation System
• Diameter : 1.0±0.05 mm
• Roundness : < 0.05 mm
• Purity : < 10 ppm
• Breeding Blanket
• For Fusion Reactor
• Pebbles
• High thermal conductivity, stability
• High chemical stability
• High mechanical resistance
• Manufacturing System
• Patented dispensing & washing technology
• Capacity: 50 kg per year
• Fully automatic operation