Avery Insurance Agency – We provide complete Insurance Coverage in Washington, Oregon and California

Avery Insurance Agency is an insurance coverage provider company located in Vancouver, Washington. They are offering the maximum available coverage to protect your properties in Grandview, Auburn, Vancouver, Kennewick and its nearby areas. Some of the major services they offer are Home insurance, Auto insurance, Gas Station/C – Store insurance and Worker Compensation insurance. They review customer’s coverage regularly to make sure it is up to date.

Home Insurance – They protect your home with their affordable coverage options. Their Property insurance protects your investment and saves your family. In-home business insurance comes with a special business insurance plan to prevent loss of income and security.

Auto Insurance – Auto insurance is an additional protection for the vehicle. Their Liability coverage safeguards you from financial issues when involved in an accident. Their auto insurance comes with facilities like road side assistance, towing, 24/7 customer service and personal injury protection.

Workers Compensation Insurance – They can provide you with workers insurance policies that will fit your company. Most important features of their workers compensation insurance are hassle free claims, maximum coverage with minimum premiums and lower claim costs.

Health Insurance – Avery Insurance Agency provides the most affordable health insurance plans. They provide plans for major medical expenses; this covers broader range of medical expenses that incur in and out of the hospital. They also offer a policy called dreaded disease policy, which often called as cancer policy and this plan covers one or more dreaded diseases like cancer, heart problems and others.

Gas Station/ C-Store Insurance

Gas Station Insurance from Avery Insurance Agency protects yourself and your business from factors beyond your control. General Liability protects you from personal injuries. Liquor Liability protects you from property damage. Service Station coverage covers materials like service pumps, underground fuel storage tanks, underground piping and canopies. Crime and Vandalism coverage protects you from robbery, employee theft or any other damage to the property.

About Avery Insurance Agency
Avery Insurance Agency is an independent policy provider company in Vancouver, Washington. They provide insurance service for the whole of Washington, Oregon and California. They offer various coverage options to protect your personal and business properties. They provide excellent customer support and provide 24/7 customer service. For more information, visit http://www.evergreenautoinsurance.com/.

3925 NE 72nd Ave
Vancouver WA 98661
Phone: 360-329-2403