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Abu Dhabi, Dubai (September 06, 2018) – Al Badie Group has made a great mark in the city of Abu Dhabi. Not just in this city, the group’s reach is felt in the entire Dubai and even in the United Arab Emirates. This is because the company fills each and every position only with competent candidates.

This policy of ABG is very much visible from the case of the Present Vice President of the group Mr. Khaled Al Badie. It is true that he is one of the members of the family that runs the ABG. However, he has not reached this position as it is. In fact, before joining the ABG he has served elsewhere.
Yes, the VP of Al Badie Group has held the banking sector and in the financial investment sector.

When it comes to the banking sector he has held positions like secretary of the Board of Directors, Deputy GM of the Investment Banking Division and Head of the Asset Management Group at the Abu Dhabi National Bank.

About Mr. Khaled Al Badie:
In addition to being the VP of the group, he holds many other key positions. In fact, he has a great role to play in the development of this group.

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Contact Information:
Mr. Khaled Al Badie,
Vice President, Al Badie Group
Hamdan Street, Al Badie Tower, Ground Level
P.O. Box 229, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971-2-6322344
Fax: +971-2-6345284