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The global frozen yogurt brand based in Los Angeles opens its doors to individuals who have strong leadership skills and store management experience who want to share the brand with many people.

[CALIFORNIA, 09/06/2018] — Pinkberry is looking for area developers and single shop operators who want to share the Pinkberry experience to their community. The brand allows franchisees to design their store to suit their existing space.

Franchisees can put up their own Pinkberry Franchise anywhere, such as shopping centers, airports, and neighborhoods.

Who Qualifies for the Franchise?

According to Pinkberry, those who are interested in the franchise should have excellent leadership skills and sufficient net worth. For financial resources, potential franchisees should have a minimum liquidity of $200,000, at least $400,000 net worth, and can access credit.

The franchise adds that it is important for candidates to have exceptional experience in customer service, store management, and operations. They should also share the same values as Pinkberry to surpass customer expectations.

Pinkberry strives to maintain and improve the quality of their products. Additionally, the franchise utilizes innovative ways to attract, train, and keep impressive team members, which they consider as the future and the strongest asset.

The Franchising Process

Interested individuals can apply through a simple and straightforward process. It consists of three easy steps:

1. Review the requirements
2. Complete the inquiry form
3. Submit

After the submission, a representative from Pinkberry will contact the applicant to discuss the process thoroughly. The franchise representative considers the initial application based on the applicant’s previous leadership or retail operations experience, financial capability, and passion for the brand.

Qualified franchisees can reach out to marketing, operations, and development support team dedicated to them for all operating and training concerns. They also undergo immersion into the brand, design, real estate, and construction operations after signing the franchise agreement.

Pinkberry conducts intensive field training for every key position prior to the opening of the franchisee’s first store. The training program aims to prepare franchisees to lead, train, and inspire their team to meet Pinkberry’s commitment to giving distinctive products and superior service.

About Pinkberry

Pinkberry is a tart frozen yogurt brand based in Los Angeles, California. Since it opened in 2005, the brand’s product has flourished, prompting Pinkberry to expand to over 150 stores across the country. The franchise commits itself to deliver excellent service to customers and to design an inspiring environment for the community to share.

The brand uses only fresh ingredients and real milk to produce delicious, real yogurt. For more information, visit today.