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ATLANTA, GA – The modular construction industry has long been utilized to provide quick and convenient structures from across the United States. Panel Built, Inc. uses this prefabrication method to help facilities bolster their security needs in an instant and in a way that fits their specific security goals. Panel Built manufactures guard booths in standard “Quick Ship” sizes for facilities that need to solve security problems in a hurry. However, Panel Built’s custom guard booths offer security solutions that are focused on individual needs. High threat facilities can utilize our ballistic line of guard booths, matching all UL and NIJ bullet resistance levels. While our welded steel line of guard houses allows for more intricate design options to seamlessly fit into the facility’s surrounding architecture. They also provide increased rigidity of the structure, increasing the building’s wind load rating for areas that face ferocious weather and high wind speeds.

However, the greatest benefit to Panel Built’s guard booths is their speed and availability. Because the buildings are prefabricated in Panel Built’s facility, they can be instantly installed on site. This means minimal site downtime whether the building is a quick ship guard shack or a fully UL ballistic rated guard house.

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