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Fredericksburg, VA: The residents of Fredericksburg have access to a complete window tinting service that is available exclusively from @The Car Wash. Taking particular care to ensure the most superior of criteria is met by hiring the most elite team of experienced 3M window tint professionals currently working in the industry.

@The Car Wash window tinting professionals have a broad range of experience working with 3M window tint films. Each of the window tinting professionals has obtained a broad range of hands-on guidance installing window film.

The window tinting services provided by the professional window tint installers at the car wash guarantee the use of only the most superior products. @ The Car Wash also uses the most complex and innovative 3M window tint that is current accessible on the market.The installers realize that installing window film needs to be done with the utmost care, because if it is not installed correctly it can become distorted and create a potentially dangerous visibility hazard when driving.

The window tinting services available at @The Car Wash ( to be undeniably worth the cost. Technicians are proud to deliver the highest standard of customer service as well as improve the customer’s driving experience. When a car’s windows have high quality 3M window film installed on the windows the vehicle suddenly has an improved usefulness, comfort and proficiency. Additionally, tinting the windows of a vehicle provides the following benefits:

● Protects the skin of the occupants against the harmful UV rays of the sun
● Provides an added value of privacy to the occupants of the vehicle
● Promotes the appearance and elegance of the vehicle

Besides protecting the skin of the occupants from the harmful UV rays of the sun, 3M window tint also guards the interior of the vehicle from the fading and wear caused by sun exposure. Having window tint also eradicates the harmful distracting glares that can be caused by the sun as well.

There are so many various types of window tint methods available, @ The Car Wash attempts to match every customer’s budgets and needs. Providing superior window tint in a variety of shades at the most reasonable prices.