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Malviya Nagar, Delhi, Release: September 1st, 2018.
Apical Digital has launched a new site for political knowledge, articles experts and newbies who want to learn more about the dynamic and constantly political environment in the nation. The site offers latest and trending information and current affairs on Indian Politics using different categories like Political News, States, Government, etc.
More information can be found at: MyIndia MyVote.
If anyone is interested and curious in the knowing the political past of the nation since we achieved independence can head over to the Election 1947- 2018 on the MyIndia MyVote website and explore the different resources that can help people go through the political past of the nation as well as the future predictions via the prediction poll panel carried in the website. The site is developed and supported by Mr. Kapil Bhagat Sunariya, Apical Digital Development Head and his team of distinguished political experts.
“MyIndia MyVote is our platform for sharing expertise and offering consultations and personalized support to our clients. It has made it easier for us to provide political views and information and feedback on their marketing strategies and for them to succeed in their marketing efforts and get results, faster and more consistently than ever before”, said the Author and Editor, Nihil Kumar.
The informative materials featured on the MyIndia MyVote website carries a range of topics covered in the Indian politics and its history.
Besides, the site offers a rich library of articles and blogs for readers, community events, personnel changes, book releases and more.

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Source: Apical Digital