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A gloss meter is an apparatus which is used for measuring the gloss of various materials including painting, coating, metal, and stone and also generally used in building automotive and other fields. Gloss meter is widely used to measure the quality of the product based on the glossiness of the surface. Large number of different geometries are available for gloss measurement. Many international technical standards are also available that describe the specifications and method of use for different types of gloss meter used on various types of materials including ceramics, paper, paint, plastics and metals.

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The demand for gloss meter is growing rapidly as it allows the consumer to measure fast and accurate gloss levels on any flat surface. Its compact size and ergonomic shape make it ideal for all day use on a production line. It also provides the flexibility for measurements with small test areas and curved surfaces. With the rising inclination of users towards glossy colors, there is a rising demand for gloss meters in different industries such as clothing, apparels, cosmetics, toys, utility items, automobiles, gadgets and eatables. Matching with consumers’ taste, the advertising industry is also molding in this way.

Utilization of glossy finish and banners is also becoming popular across the world, thereby escalating the demand for gloss meters. Also the adoption of gloss meters is rising for various applications such as highly reflective car body panels, satin black designer furniture and glossy magazine covers. Gloss meter are expected to be widely used by national zoo and parks across various countries. Increasing deployment of gloss meter by institutes such as zoo is expected to propel the demand for gloss meter globally. Growing demand for gloss meter in various laboratory applications, is boosting the growth of global gloss meter market. Furthermore, a gloss meter is increasingly being used on manufactured materials, components and the products as gloss meter provides manufacturing and quality control professionals with a quick and easy way to evaluate the surface characteristics of their products.

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The global gloss meter market can be segmented into by product type, by application and by geography. On the basis of product type, the global gloss meter market can be segmented into single angle gloss meter, two angles gloss meter and multi angles gloss meter. Multi angle gloss meter segment is expected to show high growth rate during the forecast period owing to the increasing need for accurate gloss measurement of all types of surfaces despite of any shape. Additionally, multi angle gloss meters are highly reliable, light in weight and cost effective. In terms of application, the global gloss meter market can be segmented into paint/coating, paper industry, hardware industry, plastic, automotive, electronics and others.