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Abu Dhabi, Dubai (September 06, 2018) – “Oil Gas News” is a renowned business publication connecting clients with their other businesses worldwide. Al Badie Group has found itself on the pages of this publication, which is considered an achievement.
This will benefit Al Badie in numerous ways. As a part of an esteemed publication in the field of oil and gas business, the group will receive larger exposure to the worldwide clients and will have more appeal to international investors.
Now, ABG will have access to larger markets with greater interactions with international vendors, suppliers, and manufacturers which will help the group to realize their mission of performing to deliver excellence together with maintaining the historical symbol of integrity and transparency.
Mr. Khaled Al Badie, the CEO and Vice President of the group, has a vision of diversifying the business into different sectors which he has fulfilled to a great extent but is eager to do more. This incident can be another leap towards that direction.

About Al Badie Group:

Al Badie Group is a family-run UAE based company with a focus on oil and gas business and operations in many other sectors like property development, water and electricity, IT, marine and so on. It is a group with 1000-plus employees.

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