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Dental implants offer a long-lasting and secure solution to missing teeth. Unlike removable dentures and bridges, dental implants in Camden are firmly attached to the jawbone, acting as replacement tooth roots.

[LONDON, 9/5/2018] – At Ace Dental in Camden, the consultation for dental implants is straightforward. Patients who would like information on what Ace Dental implant treatment involves and whether they can benefit from it, will meet with a highly experienced implant dentist at Ace Dental and have their questions answered. If dental implants seem appropriate, Ace Dental will organise a consultation with a dentist to find out exactly what they can do for a patient who wants to have their teeth restored with dental implants.

Oral examination

During a consultation, the Ace Dental dentist will thoroughly examine the patient’s teeth, gums and soft tissues in order to assess their overall oral health. The Ace Dental dentist will also review the patient’s medical history. They will assess the quality and density of the patient’s jawbone. A patient with inadequate jawbone integrity may need a bone graft before getting dental implants.

Getting x-rays

The next step for an Ace Dental dentist is to take all the necessary images to assist them with their treatment planning. X-rays will show the quality and density of the jawbone, while CT scans will help Ace Dental dentists determine the optimal position for the placement of dental implants in the patient’s jawbone. Once this process is over, an Ace Dental dentist will go through exactly how the patient’s treatment with dental implants in Camden will proceed.

Planning the treatment

At this stage, an Ace Dental dentist will collaborate with patients in order to create a personalised and detailed treatment plan. Patients will be talked through what their options are and what the costs will be. Ace Dental will also produce a full report outlining all the costs and specific treatments involved. This plan will also include an estimate of the treatment time, sedation options (if applicable), recovery period as well as aftercare instructions for dental implants in Camden. Patients will therefore be armed with all the information they need to feel comfortable about their treatment journey.