Shoulder Pain Can Make Your Life Helpless, Contact a Orthopaedic for Immediate Relief

One of the most ignored ailments today in our country is shoulder pain. Over 75% of the Indian population has faced some pain in their shoulder at some point of the time. In fact, children as young as 10 to 11 years are complaining about pain, ranging from mild to excruciating, in their shoulder area. A popular orthopaedic doctor, with experience in handling shoulder and knee replacement in India, has witnessed a tremendous rise in the number of patients coming towards him for consultation. Many of them complain about discomfort in their shoulders or neck region. The discomforts might start as a minor tingling or burning feeling in the area, and as the time progresses the intensity of the pain rises.
Our shoulder is an intricate network of muscles, bones and nerves. The three bones that make up the shoulder joint are humerus (bone of the upper arm), scapula (shoulder blade) and clavicle (collarbone). The upper arm is fitted in the rounded socket of the shoulder blade. Next the combination of muscles and nerves covers the bones of the body. Another layer of of tissues holds this entire structure together. The tissues are referred as rotator cuff. Any issues in one of the structure holding the entire shoulder can lead to pain in the region.
According to Dr. Rakesh Rajput, who are successfully conducted multiple shoulder and knee joint replacement surgeries, patients mostly feel discomfort in their shoulders due to inflammation of the tendons or a tear in it. Some times, shoulder pain could be an indicator for arthritis. Sometimes, tumours, or nerve-associated issues might also trigger the pain. However, chances of the later factors causing pain are quite lower. Further describing the diagnoses, doctor points out, before stating the treatment for the shoulder pain, the patients medical history is evaluated for determining the origin of the pain. Along, with it a range of physical examinations and imaging tests such as X-Rays, MRI and ultrasound.
According to the severity of the problem, the doctor might suggest medication and physiotherapy for the patient. In extremes cases, the patient might require surgical procedures for getting better. Dr. Rakesh Rajput has been working on such cases for sometime now. With a high success rate, Dr. Rajput is currently one of the most popular orthopaedic surgeons in the country. If you are feeling discomfort in your shoulder region, it is better to consul the Dr. Rajput before the problem accentuates. For details, you can visit the official webpage For booking as appointment, give a