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Hello, this is the CEO of YUHANHITEC, Han JOO-HYUN. Since our establishment in 1983, the main line of our products has been press molding processing, and we have also been manufacturing various products such as automobile parts, car audio products, PC cases, and air curtains. We have invested many funds in implementing modern manufacturing facilities and R&D. YUHANHITEC will share our special know-how with our many partners so that we can provide perfect quality, competitive costs, and speedy information to achieve customer satisfactions.

Mini Tower (Middle)

Product Types and Details

Product specifications

• Item-Remark
• Size-Mini Tower
• Main Board-M/Atx, Itx
• Power Supply Type-Atx
• Front Port-Reference Of Each Model
• Material-0.8 Egi, Abs Plastic
• Hdd/Ssd-3.5”*3/2.5”*1
• Size(W*D*H)-180*405*370mm
• Odd-5.25*1
• Pci –Slot-4

• Product features

• 1. Design

• It is well matched anywhere with modern and luxury design

• 2. Hard And Safe Pc Case

• In case of ordinary imported cases, they can be easily bent or twisted by a little power since the thickness of the steel sheet of the product is thinner than 0.6mm. Using 0.8mm EGI steel sheet, our LP products are bent less, and minimize accidents such as getting cut on hand or being stabbed during assembly by curved cutting sections or connections.

• 3. Low Noise Case

• The product is small and slim, but it is designed to exhibit sufficient cooling ability, as lots of air holes are located at the side panel, rear side and bottom of the product. Noise is reduced as 0.8mm EGI steel plate absorbs internal vibration.

• 4. Made In Korea

• We make our utmost effort to reinforce durability through the localization of the core parts and to produce defect-free products through our thorough quality inspection.

• YUHANHITEC manufactures Car Air Curtain Manufacturer in Korea and Air Cleaner Manufacturer in Korea. We will give you the most satisfactions with our quality and trusts. YUHANHITEC is presently equipped with facilities that can quickly respond to customers’ needs from the phase of design/development phase to production.