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A lot of people want to travel, but they feel stuck at home because of their cat or dog. Pet kennels tend to be expensive and trusting a friend or family member with a house key can also be tricky. That is where My Pet Your Pet comes in. 

[LONDON, 05/09/2018]—My Pet Your Pet is a great solution for our four-legged friends and their owners, enabling pet owners to travel without worrying about their pets back home.

At My Pet Your Pet, pet owners can register their cat or dog and look for people with pets to take care of them when they are away. My Pet Your Pet is safe, easy to use and provides insurance to all registered members.

How Can My Pet Your Pet Be Free?

While users of My Pet Your Pet can opt for a standard or premium membership, dog and cat sitting is completely free. My Pet Your Pet uses a credit system for pet owners, where no money is involved. Each member’s effort to host a pet at their home or recommend another member for pet sitting is rewarded with credit, which is dependent on the size of the animal and the number of days hosted. Extra credits are awarded for accepting an urgent, last-minute request.

How Can Someone Become a Member of My Pet Your Pet

Becoming a member of My Pet Your Pet is easy since only registration is needed. Interested parties can create their pet profile (or profiles online) or set their pet hosting preferences. My Pet Your Pet uses an advanced pet matching system that allows pet owners to find the best environment for their furry friends. Pet owners who are willing to host can review each request and accept or decline.

Is My Pet Your Pet Safe?

My Pet Your Pet is a safe and secure platform, since the details of pet owners are protected. Furthermore, My Pet Your Pet verifies the details and vet certifications of the cats and dogs who are registered in the platform. All members have insurance issued by My Pet Your Pet for accidents and third-party liability. Pet owners who opt for a premium membership will also receive a Waterproof Pet GPS Tracker.