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“Wangda India” is one of the renowned Interlocking Soil Block Press Machine manufacturers as well as Suppliers in India located at Bangalore. We supply the most effective and reliable Interlocking machinery for production of rich quality Soil Block Press. You won’t believe but our offered machinery can produce more than a million of Interlocking Soil Blocks in just one attempt. That’s not all; our Interlocking Soil Block Press Machine has still more to offer.

Our offered Interlocking Soil Block Press Machine comes with eminent features such as compatibility, consistency, efficiency and durability. The molding capacity of our Interlocking Soil Block Machine is exclusive hence, the interlocking soil block produced by it is of highest quality. As the Soil Block Press machine absorbs very less amount of water while molding raw materials, the bricks dry up very fast after production. Such efficiency and capability of our soil block press machinery is highly profitable for any soil block production industry.

The offered interlocking soil block machines is first manufactured by Wangda manufacturers in China and then supplied to various Asian regions such as India, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Russia, North Korea, Burma, Mongolia, Vietnam, Iraq, etc. For more info regarding our Interlocking Soil Block Press Machine, visit our official website:

Some other benefits associated with the use of Interlocking Soil Block Press Machine includes: cost effective, hence less time is enough to make the blocks, these blocks are double the size of normal fired bricks. Therefore, you can use half the number of bricks considering that you can save cement and sand since mortar is not required between the bricks due to because of interlocking system; The mortar is required only on top and bottom of the brick. Additionally, blocks are manufactured on site, so you can save transportation cost and can avoid damages to blocks.