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Flooring foams are used for cushioning the floors to provide comfort to individuals. Traditional floors have rigid surfaces due to which they can prove to be harmful. However, flooring foams are very soft and shock absorbent in nature. Flooring foams are more beneficial than rubber flooring in terms of cost and convenience in cleaning. Rubber floorings are heavy and have less shock absorbency as compared to flooring foams. Flooring foams are one of the best options for gyms and fitness centers. Individuals prefer flooring foams due to their soft and light weight properties.

Fitness and health clubs are attracted towards flooring foams products to leverage on the benefits they offer to their customers. Flooring foams are also preferred in households where they can be used as kids’ play mats, yoga floors, pet floors, etc. Flooring foams are also used in schools and playgrounds to keep children protected against injuries while they are playing. Flooring foams are easy to clean and water resistant. EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) flooring foams are preferred over polyethylene and polyurethane foams due to their glossy appearance and the fact that they are resistant to UV radiation and cracking.

Global Flooring Foams Market: Dynamics

The flooring foams market is witnessing an upward trajectory due to their cost-effectiveness and growing demand from health and fitness clubs. The flooring foams market is expected to grow faster as compared to rubber flooring during the forecast period. Flooring foams offer various advantages which can direct consumer’s choice from rubber to flooring foams. These days, consumers prefer cost-effective and easy to maintain flooring foams products over expensive and thermally unstable rubber flooring products, which is changing strategies of manufacturers in the flooring foams production.

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Owing to BPA-free and non-toxic properties, flooring foams are also useful in children’s playground applications. The flooring foams market is growing at a fast pace due to growing demand for slip-preventive flooring. Increasing awareness about health and fitness is expected to further drive the flooring foams market in the next five years. In the past few years, a large number of health and fitness centers have come up across the globe. Introduction of high facility fitness centers and people’s increasing awareness about health will prove to be helpful in promoting the growth of the flooring foams market.