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There are so many things that come together to help turn your house into a home, but over the years some of those things can start to seem outdated or just not befitting of your current lifestyle. For example, that kitchen that once was huge and looked great can start to seem dated and not as useful when you start to have kids and need more space for cooking and other activities.

In those cases, a remodel is in order, but not just any remodel will do. You need something that is ultimately useful for you and that will allow you to live the life that you want. Installing custom cabinets Bergen County is a great way to start to transform the look of your kitchen, and it can also allow you to get more usable space out of your kitchen without undertaking a large-scale expansion.

K&R Master Carpentry is one of the leading carpentry firms in the area, specializing in high-quality custom kitchen cabinets Little Falls. We work closely with you to make sure that you get the best possible cabinets for any room in your home, and you’ll be able to quickly spot the difference in the quality of work that we do versus others, or versus the premade cabinets which you may have now. If you’d like to learn more about our firm and what we have to offer, then visit our website today at

About Our Company

K&R Master Carpentry is a family owned and operated business that has been around for over 45 years. During that time, we have worked with customers on everything from custom cabinets to full-blown kitchen remodeling projects. Our firm is run by carpenters who have the business in their blood – our family has been carpenters for generations. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality work, along with friendly service, at the most competitive prices possible. We know that you have a design in mind for your home, and by working with us you’ll get the highest quality of work possible. No matter what, you’ll know that while working with us you’ll be treated like a member of our family. Learn more about us by visiting our website today.

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