To be lost is nothing to fear, for everything that is lost is on the path to being found

Or is it really that easy to be found in the digital world that we are living in these days. There are millions of conversation happening around the globe every day, every hour and every minute. We are using multiple ways to share our thoughts- text, emails, videos, voicemails and what not.

According to a recent article in Forbes, there are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day. Every minute, we send 16 million text messages. For every minute, there are 990,000 Tinder swipes; approximately, 15,000 GIFs are sent via Facebook messenger and there are 154,200 calls on Skype.

Keeping our insatiable appetite to share data which we easily lose in the digital world, our team has created a unique platform- Deary. Our app is a hassle-free, one-stop-platform to retrieve your long-lost memories from various other platforms like Whatsapp, Messenger (we are working to add more platforms to the list!) to Deary and save them for you before losing them into the digital world. Deary magically retrieves your best conversations you thought are lost forever, from multiple chat platforms.

Deary is one-step ahead in the process. It not only preserves your memories but as you begin to use our app, it applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) to understand your preference and frequently suggests you the most meaningful conversations that could be saved into Deary.

To complete the entire process, we take utmost care and individual attention to customize and print your digital diary into an intimate Deary Book- a unique gift to your beloved one! We use high quality, hard yet flexible cover with full color on every-single page (we do not use any animal product).

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