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Washington DC, (September 04, 2018) – Is the 21st century civilized society painting merely a hollow picture of safety, security and fundamental rights of the weak, the poor and the differently abled members of the society? The answer may sadly be quite in the affirmative. Over the past many decades, humanity has witnessed outright atrocities committed by none other than the enforcers of Law against fundamental and civil rights of individuals that may be a little too underprivileged to stand up for themselves in the house of justice.

All thanks to the endless and dedicated endeavors of Color of Law Center, a 501©(3) nonprofit organization though, the winds of change have started to gain revolutionary momentum. Through their impactful artwork and book releases, the ugly naked face of judicial abuse has surfaced among the masses not only in the USA, but at a global scale. 10 September 2018 is expected to be a memorable day in this respect with the release of ‘Nevertheless She Persisted’, a ground-breaking book documenting unacceptable judicial abuse towards voiceless Americans and how the brave disabled individuals fought back for their rights.

The organization has also extended invitation to enthusiasts to Join Color of Law Center at the 48th Congressional Black Caucus’s author pavilion on September 13th to 15th to be held at The Walter E. Washington Convention Center, a move that holds very high expectations as far as enlightening the world about judicial abuse of the disabled is concerned. Color of Law Center has further announced a contest in their YouTube channel where subscribers are welcome to post their stories against albeism / judicial injustice and get a chance to win a grand prize worth $250 and a free E Book of Nevertheless, She Persisted.

About Color of Law Center:
Color of Law Center is a 501© (3) nonprofit organization that is dedicated to standing up against judicial abuse meted out rampantly to the weaker sections of America including disabled individuals, poor citizens and even racially discriminated inhabitants. With their upcoming release ‘Nevertheless She Persisted’, the platform has made an attempt to enlighten the world about the existing above-the-law behavior of certain judges that needs to be addressed immediately and uncompromisingly.

Enthusiasts that wish to learn more about Color of Law Center can visit for information and for a preview of Nevertheless She Persisted.

Media Contact:
Color of Law Center
3616 Kirkwood Highway Suite #A
Wilmington DE 19808
(202) 900-8855
ongressional Black Caucus Conventio
alter E Washington Convention Center
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