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WALK-WINN offers durable stock covers to protect boats from mold and the sun. It also accepts orders for custom boat covers tailored specifically to the client’s requirements. WALK-WINN also supplies boat cover accessories for extra protection.

[LITTLE ROCK, 08/31/2018] – WALK-WINN, established in 1972, is a company in Arkansas that offers a wide range of vehicle covers. It provides covers for RVs, motorcycles, ATVs, cars, and boats. For additional boat protection, WALK-WINN also has an array of boat cover accessories.

WALK-WINN’s Stock and Custom Boat Covers

All boat covers supplied by WALK-WINN have full-length elastic cord seamed into the cover’s bottom hem. This ensures that the cover, while being worked toward the stern, is held in place. In addition, the cover comes with a quick release tie down straps, owner’s instructions, and a storage bag.

The boat covers offered by WALK-WINN are made from thick materials that effectively prevent rainwater from seeping in, where it can cause mildew and mold growth. Similarly, the boat covers also protect the boat from the sun’s UV rays which may fade the interiors. These covers likewise shield the boat from intruders or anyone who may see to damage the vessel.

WALK-WINN also accepts orders for custom-made boat covers. These covers are made from scratch based on the specifications of the client. They come in different materials and colors – all according to clients’ specifications.

WALK-WINN’s Boat Cover Accessories

Boat cover accessories provide additional protection to both the boat covers and the boats themselves. WALK-WINN has its own line of boat accessories that are affordable and of high quality. The products are as follows:

• No. 6000 or Cover Support Strap: This has an inch of nylon belt that keeps water from gathering on top of the boat cover. Best used for boats with seats installed atop gunwale or boats with centerline windshield. It also fits boats 14 feet to 19 feet in length.

• No. 4200 or Self-Adhesive Cover Protector: Made from soft yet durable materials, No. 4200 prevents sharp objects from damaging the fabric of the boat cover. Its size is 162 square feet and can be cut for the cover’s specific needs.

• No. 6070 or Cover Support Pole: This provides extra support for boat covers. The ends of the aluminum pole are finished with rubber to avoid scratches on the floor and the boat cover. The product is adjustable from 36 inches to 58 inches.


Since 1972, WALK-WINN has been supplying vehicle cover needs of its clients in Arkansas. Their vehicle covers and cover accessories are American-made and can be manufactured based on the client’s requests. WALK-WINN also offers furniture covers, equipment covers, and shopping bags.

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