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This stand is very well designed of quality aluminum and steel components

1.It has keys to protect the iPad. It’s easy to lock but difficult for others to take it out.It is your first choice kiosk in high traffic area.

2.The cords are hidden from view, you can charge the tablet without exposing the cable outside. The access to power button allows you to charge but no need to take it apart.

3.Both horizontal and vertical directions are available to assemble the enclosure.

4.the home button is covered,it keeps people from accessing your iPad info.

5.The interactive tablet kiosk stand is solid, sturdy and stable.

6.An tablet floor stand is widely used in events, trade show booths, retail shops,libraries,shopping malls,karaoke bars,restaurants to display or collect information.

7.We support all leading tablet brands:Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft surface and iPad.

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