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Edupliance announces a webinar titled, “CSA the 7 BASICS and DataQs: A Comprehensive Overview” attendees will Understand the “7 Basics”, evaluation, intervention, data management, and the overall operational model. It will help you get on track to understand this program and how it builds on previous programs from the FMCSA. The event will be held LIVE on Thursday, Sep 06, from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM, EST / 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM PST.

Fleet managers and other commercial vehicles on the nation’s roadways are essential participants in FMCSA’s CSA program to reduce motor vehicle crashes and fatalities.
Driver safety performance records are more important than ever and your performance
affects your carrier’s record and everyone who supports them are essential participants in FMCSA’s CSA program to reduce motor vehicle crashes, injuries, and fatalities.

The entire freight industry and other related fields, such as the insurance industry, has an interest in improving the safety. Safety is good practice and good business. CSA builds on FMCSA’s former processes for assessing and improving the safety performance of motor carriers and drivers through the new Safety Measurement System and a new suite of tools. These include an enhanced CR, in addition to more focused and efficient interventions tailored to address specific problems.

The 60-minutes webinar will be conducted by Experts Mark Dixon, In 1990, after a successful career in Sales and Sales Management, Mark Dixon changed gears. He left the rat race, dog eats dog world of the sales arena, went to truck driving school, attained a Class A CDL License, and hit the freedom of the open road as an “Over the Road” truck driver. Within time, advancements in operations management, compliance, driver training, recruiting, and safety management came Mark’s way, serving as the Director of Safety for three different trucking companies. Mark realized that the industry was experiencing many issues that weren’t being properly addressed.

Webinar attendees will learn:

• Learn how the FMCSA measures safety performance, using inspection and crash results to identify carriers whose behaviors could reasonably lead to crashes.
• Understand how contacting more carriers and drivers with specialized interventions designed for their specific situation as well as using a new Safety Fitness Determination methodology gives the FMCSA an increased ability to correct high-risk behaviors and prevent accidents.
• Review a broad selection of safety issues, from how data is collected, evaluated, and shared to how enforcement personnel can intervene most effectively and efficiently.
• The Seven Basics:
• Hours of Service (HOS) Compliance
• Driver Fitness
• Controlled Substances/Alcohol
• Vehicle Maintenance
• Crash Indicators
• Unsafe Driving
• Hazardous Materials

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