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In Cape Town, the name ‘Banks R&L Hiring’ is synonymous with trust and reliability. The experience accumulated for over 75 years in the business is fully integrated with the service provided by them. They will guide you in every step through their expert opinion and knowledge while hiring equipment. They have a highly competent workforce under their belt. The workers are always ready to assist you in any way possible. They have solutions for all your needs that would fit your budget perfectly.

They also have a wide-range of products for hire, the catalogue includes:

Bowl Service:

  • Bodega – Mini: Capacity of 200ml
  • Conical Bowl: 10 cm size
  • Potjie Pot: 6 cm
  • Square Bowls: 7 cm & 8 cm
  • Square Plate: 12 cm
  • Thai Bowls: 10 cm, 11 cm & 12 cm

Cocktail Servers:

  • Canape Spoon
  • Porcelain Spoon
  • Party Spoons & Forks


  • Polaris
  • Polaris Bud Vase
  • Polaris Coffee Mugs
  • Polaris Ashtray

Square Range:

  • Square Dinner Plate: 25 cm size
  • Square Fish Plate: 21 cm size
  • Square Plate for Sides: 18 cm size


  • Zenix Dessert Bowl: 16 cm size
  • Zenix Dinner Plate: 31 cm size
  • Zenix Fish Plate: 27 cm size
  • Zenix Pasta Plate of 23 cm

Décor Accessories:

  • Board and easer
  • Carpet runner
  • Carpet coir
  • Dance floor
  • Industrial fans
  • Gazebo walls
  • Picket fence

In addition to the products in the catalogue, they also provide event decoration stylists who will make sure to make your next event a grand success. Their services can be availed for any big event, like, a wedding ceremony or even a corporate event.


  • Bar Stools: Affordable bar stools can be hired from Banks R&L Hiring. These bar stools are premium built and look fancy. They can bring any party to life.
  • Café Chairs: Premium grade chairs are available for hire. They have the numbers and resources to meet your requirements for big and small events alike.
  • Lounge Seating: The most relaxing space of any gathering is the lounge. Lounges available at Banks R&L Hiring are sturdy as well as aesthetic. They guarantee a relaxing and comfortable experience every time.


  • Cabarnet
  • Mondial Glasses
  • Savoie Glasses


  • Casserole Dish
  • Lasagne Dish
  • Luxemborg Oval

For further information, please refer to

31 Section Street, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town
7405, South Africa, Western Cape
Tel:  0215107011