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Pedestrians, skateboarders, cyclists, hikers are the new hoverboard enthusiasts. The device is in fact a motorized support board (without handlebar), whose direction and speed are controlled by two wheels that respond to the pressure exerted by the feet and the inclination of the body. Straight from China and the United States almost 3 years ago, the minimalist machine is very popular thanks to its practicality: the device allows movement indoors and outdoors at an average speed of 12km / h, against 5.5 km / h for a pedestrian!

Convenient and easy to handle

Despite appearances, the hoverboard usually requires about ten minutes for a good grip. The rocking board seduces all ages. The object is new, easy, funny and hypersensitive; as a “added member” the board obeys the movements of the body. You have to mount it as you mount a step: it’s actually the same technology that tilts your smartphone screen as soon as you tilt it horizontally or vertically, also used for aviation.


Choose your model

Sold from 100 €, however, it is necessary to count about 500 € to obtain a material of reliable quality … The hoverboard has known several accidents of course since its massification, the most serious and recurrent is the spontaneous combustion of the object. In question, low-cost lithium batteries made in China, often of poor quality.

But the hoverboard has decided to please: some broadcast music via bluetooth technology. The customization of the object is also possible with the addition of a protective shell. Finally the LED lighting, which warn of the detection of the foot on the board, give it a small side “Back to the future”.

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