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The TDG Act regulations are legally binding for all those who deal in the handling and transportation of dangerous goods. DGM New York offers online and well as on-site training to employees of all organizations dealing in hazardous and dangerous goods, and helps them comply with the TDG Act and underlying regulations.

The TDG or Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act provisions a broad set of regulations for promoting public safety in relation to the handling of dangerous goods and when they are being transported by marine, air, rail or road route. The TDG Act not only prescribes the safety standards but also precisely spells the shipping requirements that must be met when dangerous goods of many different kinds are being transported. These regulations also provide more clues about the risk and hazards that are associated with thousands of dangerous goods. The TDG regulations and Act consist of a broad set of regulations that relate to training, classification, documentation, and transportation/shipping of dangerous goods. The act specifies the use of labels and safety marks for marking dangerous goods. Further, the act also includes ERP or Emergency Response Assistance plans, and the reporting of incidents as well.
The Act’s regulations and guidelines apply to all who deal in the shipping, transport, or receipt of dangerous goods by all kinds of transit modes including marine and air modes. Apart from transportation, handling aspects including packing, and loading/unloading of the different dangerous goods are also included in the Act. There are also different schedules of the Act under which all dangerous goods are listed.
Leading hazardous and dangerous goods packing and transportation services providers including DGM New York help all move and store their dangerous and other good safely and according to the legal regulations and guidelines. DGM New York or Dangerous Goods Packaging and Crating services help thousands of businesses, manufacturers and logistics community members and distributors at different continents of the globe towards carrying out their operations safely. The company offers a broad set of services in this regard and also offers training as per that TDG Act.
Talking to media men at company headquarters in New Jersey, the spokesperson and public relation executive of the company said “We have a broad set of standard operating procedures to provide excellent and proficient hazmat and other services to our clients across the globe. We have ample of exposure and experience in the field, are aided by advanced IT, and our collaborations enable us to offer complete proficiency to the dangerous and hazardous goods transportation process. We also use the latest surveillance technology to ensure that our client trust is maintained and services can be improved qualitatively”.
DGM New York can provide training and education to the employees of any company towards the safe handling of the dangerous and hazardous goods, while also bringing into them the knowledge and skills related to the best practices related to transportation of the hazardous and dangerous good.